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Bergmans Hollywood

The documentary ”Bergmans Hollywood”

Fårö has become world-famous through Ingmar Bergman and thousands of tourists visit the small island in the Baltic Sea every summer and many of them also want to follow Bergman in his footsteps on the island. The documentary “Bergman’s Hollywood” takes us to the film locations and also visualizes the constructions that Bergman had made for his films. The program is a “road movie” that makes the viewer experience the strange island both from the air and from the ground. Bergman made four movies and one TV-series on Fårö. Through a glass darkly, Persona, Shame, A Passion for Anna, and the TV-series Scenes from a Marriage. Bergman’s Hollywood is also about his dreams about making his own “Bergman’s Hollywood” on Fårö. Bergman’s love for Fårö and the people of Fårö has certainly meant a great deal in his choice between living abroad or stay in Sweden.

English trailer below!

The film's success around the world.